People are always looking for ways to save time, save money, and improve the environment when it comes to their commutes to work. Troy, Mich.-based vRide provides a less costly option with a ridesharing platform that connects people with similar routes, Purchasing and Supply Chain Manager Jerry Glynn says.

Although it may not be easy to get people to give up use of their cars, “We do that by explaining the benefits of the program, from a standpoint of not only personal savings, [but also] by not having the wear and tear on your personal vehicle,” he says. “[There’s] also the benefits to the environment where we’re reducing the carbon emissions and pollution.”

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Co-owner Don Lucchesi likens US 1 Logistics to a three-legged stool. There’s the agents who dispatch shipments, the owner-operators who drive the trucks and US 1 Logistics itself. “If you take any one of those legs away you’re going to fall over,” Lucchesi says.

US 1 Logistics specializes in handling all the back-office functions that tie together its nationwide transportation network and independent agents and owner-operators, which allows its independent truck and sales agents, and owner-operators to focus on providing shippers with safe, reliable and cost competitive transportation and logistics services. “We’re in the transportation business but we’re also in the small business business,” Lucchesi says.

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Doug Kahn faced a series of challenges 16 months ago when he arrived at Tintri as vice president of global operations and support. A veteran of larger technology companies, Kahn knew immediately that drastic changes had to be made to the supply chain operation if it was going to support a growing company.

“Our supply chain was too fragile,” Kahn recalls. And so he made significant changes almost immediately, which included moving to Tier 1 contract manufacturers and material suppliers. He also made sure the company had a dual-source supply chain.

Tintri is a leading producer of virtual machine (VM)-aware storage (VAS) for virtualization and cloud environments. The company was founded in 2008 and brought its first product to market in 2011. 

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In 1953, Nepalese climbing guide Tenzing Norgay guided Sir Edmund Hillary to the top of Mount Everest. Norgay’s experience in the Himalayan mountains, as well as his leadership and other positive qualities, proved invaluable during the historic summit.

Today, more than 60 years after Norgay assisted Hillary’s accomplishment, a consulting firm inspired by his spirit and bearing his first name is similarly dedicated to bringing its clients to the top. Founded in 2002, Tenzing Consulting draws on the experience and know-how of more than 500 independent consultants and industry experts worldwide to provide solutions to its clients’ biggest operations, supply chain and procurement challenges. 

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The national rise in insurance costs, combined with a reduction in the amount of reimbursement paid by insurance providers, has proven to be one of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare systems. 

Cutting costs while not compromising the quality of healthcare is a high priority for healthcare providers across the United States. Susquehanna Health, an integrated health system including four hospitals, two skilled nursing facilities and 45 physician practices, is looking to its supply chain operations for answers.

“Hospitals are getting squeezed more and more, so when it comes to the supply chain, we’re trying to drive costs out of the system so the system is able to provide quality affordable healthcare to the communities we serve,” says David Peck, assistant vice president and chief supply chain officer of the Northeast Pennsylvania-based healthcare provider. 

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When the rubber meets the road, drivers want tires that they can rely on. They often turn to Pirelli Tire, which has earned a reputation for quality, high performance products, John Godfrey says. “It’s a very-well-respected brand globally,” he states.

Godfrey is the vice president of logistics for Pirelli Tire North America in Rome, Ga., which serves as the NAFTA region arm of its Milan, Italy-based parent. After more than 140 years in the industry, Pirelli Tire stands as the fifth-largest tire producer in its market, with products for cars, trucks and motorsports.

“We’re one of the [world tire] leaders,” he says. “We’re also very well respected in the motorcycle channel, where we have Pirelli and Metzeler products.”

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One good way to get acquainted with Pilot Thomas Logistics is to take a look “inside the numbers,” to borrow a phrase from the world of sports.

Those numbers include nearly 70 years of experience, approximately 3,500 team members, 3,000 specialized trucks and trailers, 25 million gallons of bulk storage and terminal capacity, 30,000 mobile tanks and pieces of equipment, 45 warehouses, 20 marine barges and vessels, as well as operations in 27 states and all major ports on the West Coast. Indeed, the numbers say a lot about a company that has become a premier provider of fuel, lubricants and chemicals in the energy, marine, mining and industrial markets.

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Some companies are content just selling products, but Parmalat Canada focuses on doing much more. For example, “Our employees’ continued commitment to quality and innovation has helped [us] become one of the largest, most-dynamic food group companies in Canada,” National Vice President of Supply Chain Taras Korec says.

Based in Toronto, Parmalat Canada specializes in milk and dairy products, fruit juices, cultured products and table spreads. The company, a division of Parmalat S.p.A. in Parma, Italy, has become known among Canadian consumers for such dairy brands as Lactantia, Black Diamond, Balderson and Galbani, Korec says.

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