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By Jen McKenzie

The Kaizen approach is an improvement process, not a result or goal. The term “Kaizen” is Japanese, and essentially means change for the better or continuous improvement. This process has been gaining popularity in supply chain manufacturing and management, placing an emphasis on making smaller continuous changes in order to impact a larger variety of functions and processes to reduce or eliminate waste. 


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By Sarah Trescott

Annually, the automotive industry alone loses billions of dollars due to supply chain mismanagement. For most, the deficit is credited to losing between 16 and 18 percent of reusable packaging assets. The multi-billion-dollar problem in the automotive industry is indicative of an issue with the current state of supply chain management across all industries. Simply stated — the status quo of supply chain management has been outgrown. 


GettyImages 963131214By Amanda Peterson

Businesses around the world have realized the benefits of integrating cloud-based solutions into their supply chain strategies. In fact, some studies show a 75 percent increase in efficiency and profitability for businesses who make the change. Although cloud deployments in the supply chain have historically lagged behind other sectors, that is quickly changing. From retail corporations to automotive manufacturers, many organizations are recognizing the many benefits the cloud can have on their supply chain operations. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd suggests that emerging cloud technologies provide a solution for “reducing costs and increasing innovation.” 

Foy Digital Partners

Brands are looking for supply chain partners that can help them capitalize on the digital revolution.

By Nick Foy

In the push to keep up with e-commerce giants like Amazon, brands of all sizes are looking for ways to innovate, and they’re doing so quickly. Whether its optimizing physical supply chain functions by adding IoT-connected systems or launching a new e-commerce site powered by the latest and greatest e-business technologies, brands are looking for the flashiest, newest technologies to set them apart from competitors as consumers increasingly turn to the web for all their shopping needs.

As brands continue to search for the next great thing – which increasingly means a digital solution – the first place they will look to their supply chain partners. This push has created a massive opportunity for supply chain solution providers to help brands take advantage of and capitalize on the digital revolution by offering solutions ranging from e-business platforms and entitlement management solutions to IoT enabled systems.

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