RAHUL MITALSingle-screen technology can make a difference in supply chain management.

By Rahul Mital

Single-screen technology is still a relatively new concept, which is surprising to advocates and those who have seen its benefits in action. It is cost effective, has an impressive documented ROI and is an online digital tool that fosters better lines of communication between geographically disperse decision-making departments. It is ideally suited to environments where effective supply chain management is essential to delivering products and services profitably and on schedule for vendors and end-user customers.

TARRIFSThe new tariffs drive the need for collaboration between procurement and supply chain teams.

 By Matt Clark

The recently imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars on Chinese goods entering the United States have already impacted supply chain teams and procurement departments. 


IVANTI 01Improve productivity by boosting support of web-based CRM apps.

By Rob DeStefano

Mobile devices in the warehouse have been in use for decades – as a matter of fact, supply chain and warehousing were among the most active early applications of mobile technology. Fast forward to 2018 and mobile has taken over not only the warehouse but the entire business world – from employees tapping away on smartphones and tablets to everyone wanting their device – whatever it is – to be connected as part of IoT.


ProcureConAs ProcureCon Indirect East enters its 12th year, the event agenda reflects the most pressing trends influencing the
role of today’s procurement executive.

 By Andrew Greissman

With today’s international business climate characterized by rapidly developing technology, geo-political and cybersecurity risk, and new demands on procurement from key business leadership, procurement needs to be highly aware of the risk factors in each area and how to prepare for uncertainty and change.

Oracle articleOracle merges supply chain, finance and HR conferences to create Modern Business Experience.

By Jeff Stiles

To better showcase the impact and value that cloud business applications have in today’s enterprise, Oracle is combining three major conferences — Modern Supply Chain Experience, Modern Finance Experience and HCM World — into a single conference, Modern Business Experience (March 19 – 21) in Las Vegas.

financing 3plThere has been an uptick in acquisitions by 3PL companies.

By Peter Lewin

The transportation sector is undergoing a dramatic shift. The intersection of a strong economy and the generational turnover of truck drivers, combined with technology mandates from the federal government, has upended assumptions that have shaped the industry for decades. As these changes reverberate through the industry, they are influencing both the demand for financing and the nature of funding that transportation companies are seeking. One area in which these changes are particularly evident is in third-party logistics (3PL).

 WREST SUPPLIER 01Turn procurement into a revenue generator through supplier innovation.

By Samuel Wrest

“If ideas are not turned into projects, then they waste time. The focus needs to be on taking those ideas through the pipeline and turning them into revenue.”

You might expect these words from someone in product development or R&D, but they come from a more surprising source – a procurement executive.

With a mandate to source innovation from the supply base, this executive has tracked the contribution of tens of millions of dollars to their business’s top line, underlining the revenue impact that a supplier-innovation program can have if done correctly. 

 SUSTAINABILITY 01Here’s a look at how companies can engage their supply chain in comprehensive sustainability efforts.
By Khoi Do

Global companies are investing in sustainability efforts that proliferate across the value chain – a practice that drives long-term growth and earns trust with customers. Public data collected from the largest 200 Fortune-ranked companies in 2017 indicated 94 percent have established sustainability targets, up from 77 percent in 2016.  While the measuring and reporting of direct energy usage and emissions are now common KPIs for many valuable brands, the transparency in doing so has grown increasingly more critical to both a brand’s reputation and competitive advantage. However, there is an emerging piece of the puzzle preventing us from truly taking corporate social responsibility and sustainability to the next level – supply chains. 


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