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Innovations in the supply chain are allowing ServiceMaster Global Holdings Inc. to take its services to the next level.
By Eric Slack

Founded in 1929 as a mothproofing company, ServiceMaster may be nearly 90 years old but it thinks more like a start-up. By challenging the way things have always been done, ServiceMaster is developing new innovations to protect and maintain homes and business. At its core, the company is committed to finding better ways to provide outstanding service and customer communication, where, when and how customers want it delivered.


After more than 115 years, Sonoco provides packaging for some of the world’s most iconic brands.
By Alan Dorich

If you have ever admired the tall, spiral-wound paper canister that many stacked chips come in, or enjoyed the easy open and reclose features on a variety of snack foods, you have seen the work of Sonoco.

Based in Hartsville, S.C., the company provides consumer packaging, industrial products, protective solutions and display and packaging services for a broad range of clients in a wide range of industries. Sonoco’s history dates back to 1899, when it made paper cones to replace wooden cones for winding yarn in the textile industry, Director of Corporate Logistics Tim Myers says, noting that Sonoco has since grown into a $5 billion global packaging company with 330 locations in 35 countries. “We’re typically No. 1 or No. 2 in most markets that we serve.”


Sanden International (U.S.A.) Inc. implements a new supply chain strategy for a leaner and faster operation.
By Janice Hoppe

Sanden International (U.S.A.) Inc. (SIA) is transitioning to a pull supply chain strategy as its customers continue to minimize their inventory and demand reduced order cycles and lead times. “I think the bigger push in the automotive industry came after the 2009 ‘Lehman Shock,’” Vice President of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Jason Augustyn says. “The focus is now on lean inventory levels, and reducing production time and cycle time. That pressure has been very, very strong as we recovered in North America from post-Lehman shock.”

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Prysmian Group leverages its expertise in global sourcing while continuing to lead in innovation and growth.
By Janice Hoppe

Prysmian Group has developed a strong global presence as a leader in the energy and telecom cable industry by aligning its organization and managing its supply chain risk. “The change in the organization over the past four years has been dramatic,” Vice President of Procurement Brian Schulties says. “We continue to think more globally and must be in a position to leverage our global footprint.”

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Meredith Corporation is reducing expenses for the company’s multiple business units with strategic sourcing.
By Russ Gager

For Meredith Corporation – a publisher of more than 100 consumer magazines and special interest publications, associated websites, broadcast television stations and brand licensing efforts – strategic sourcing is the key to reducing expenses and delivering value. That responsibility was given to Vice President of Strategic Sourcing, Newsstand and Production Operations Chuck Howell seven years after his arrival by Chairman and CEO Steve Lacy.

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MEGlobal America’s supply chain strengths help it provide critical chemicals for manufacturers around the world.
By Chris Petersen

As a world leader in the production of monoethylene glycol (MEG) and diethylene glycol (DEG), MEGlobal provides some of the most crucial chemical building blocks for materials ranging from polyester fibers to antifreeze and other industrial applications. With so many manufacturing operations around the world depending on MEG and DEG to keep their production running smoothly, a strong supply chain is critical for MEGlobal.


As an industry leader in growing plants, Costa Farms improves supply chain efficiencies to meet retailer demands.
By Stephanie Crets

With more than 1,500 plant varieties grown for indoor and outdoor use, Costa Farms is the second-largest plant grower in the United States. The company was formed in 1961 when founder Jose Costa Sr. purchased 30 acres of land in Miami to grow tomatoes and calamondin citrus before delving into the world of houseplants. Now in its third generation of family ownership, Costa Farms is innovating and introducing new houseplants into the market such as the canela tree and Cecilia Aglaonema.

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Global security solutions leader Allegion continues to build its supply chain capabilities to support its clients.
By Jim Harris

Allegion believes its supply chain operations should do more than just procure materials and ship products on a timely basis. The global security product and solution provider feels an effective supply chain should also make it easier for its customers and employees to do their jobs.


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