NutraIntegrity and win-win situations make for a successful supply chain at Nutra Manufacturing.

By Mark Lawton, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing

Nutra Manufacturing is a contract manufacturer and private labeler of dietary supplements. The company has facilities in Greenville and Anderson, S.C. that total 950,000-square feet. Nutra manufactures dietary supplement as tablets, capsule and soft gelatin in cartons, multi pill sachets or blister packs. The company manufactures, stores, packages and distributes more than 11,000 custom dosage formulations per year.

CorePower products

Customer and supplier intimacy allow Astronics AES to maintain quality while solving complex issues in the aerospace market. 

By Staci Davidson, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media


Airlines today not only want to get passengers to their destination quickly and safety, but also keep them comfortable while doing so. As a result, airlines look to aerospace OEMS to provide planes that are safe, but also to provide useful features that aid the passenger journey. Astronics Advanced Electronic Systems (AES) is a key partner to these manufacturers, supplying airframe manufacturers and airlines with in-seat power products that provide the flying public with a greater value for their travel dollars. Further, Astronics AES approaches its work with a collaborative spirit and innovation, which has made it a leader in its field for nearly 50 years. 


ARLANXEO 01ARLANXEO remains a leader in high-performance rubber products by investing in its systems and supply chain.

By Staci Davidson

Major corporate mergers and acquisitions can provide strength to a company, but also can put an operation in flux as all the combined players figure out the best way to work together. Even so, business must go on. ARLANXEO understands all of this well, and is using its combined strengths to remain a world-leading synthetic rubber company, while investing in its supply chain to expand even further. 


Uline web photo 3

Uline’s reputation for fast deliveries has helped it grow into a North American powerhouse.

By Kat Zeman

As a prominent distributor of shipping and industrial supplies throughout North America, Uline knows how to move fast. In the package delivery business, speed is a large factor in determining customer satisfaction.

“When customers order from us, they order because they need it and they want it right away,” says Angelo Ventrone, vice president of logistics. “We are able to fulfill their orders quickly and undamaged.”

In an industry where same-day shipping time is generally cut off at 4 p.m., Uline takes orders until 6 p.m. “That is something that puts us apart from our competitors,” Ventrone adds. “We ship 100 percent of our orders the same day and about 95 percent get delivered the next day.”

Barber brandedlineup

Hankook Tire America Corp. supports the global operation by finding unique solutions to market challenges.

By Staci Davidson, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

Hankook Tire is known for finding unique ways to increase its market strength, and it has deployed these techniques since its inception in 1941 in Korea. Additionally, the company’s entrepreneurial spirit has been its driving growth, and it is widely recognized as the first tire company to benefit from economies of scale and a global supply system. Today, Hankook Tire has customers in six continents and more than 180 countries, and can respond quickly to customer demand by maximizing productivity and efficiency throughout its global supply chain. 


Agco 2

AGCO thrives by looking for ways to continuously improve its supply chain.

By Alan Dorich, senior editor at Knighthouse Publishing

Some companies are set in their ways and content to rest on their laurels, but not AGCO. “It has recognized it needs to adapt not only to the current conditions, but adapt and support what we believe the future will hold on the product landscape, corporate strategy, and global operating environment,” Vice President of Global Materials Greg Toornman declares.

Ripple Unsweetened Vanilla Cereal

Ripple Foods focuses on product innovation to offer its customers more options while continuously working to improve the flavor profile. 

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Competition in the plant-based protein segment continues to rise as more consumers actively seek these options in their diets. Plant-based food sales have doubled over the past year and research firm Markets and Markets projects the global plant-based protein market to reach $5 billion by 2020. 



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