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B. Braun Medical Inc.’s strategic procurement department cultivates a base of reliable and high-quality suppliers.

By Tim O’Connor

The medical device market is one of the most regulated industries in the world, and the bar only gets higher every year. “It continues to be more rigorous,” says Michael Stammherr, vice president of strategic procurement at B. Braun Medical. “As an industry, we continue to see more regulations and requirements.”

Keeping up with those requirements is a constant challenge. Government agencies, customers, as well as B. Braun Medical itself continues to demand more transparency regarding its products and manufacturers must keep careful track of every material and compound to ensure they meet standards. “Our customers are constantly asking for product attribute information because they are being asked by their customers and agencies for this information,” Stammherr says.

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American Axle & Manufacturing has implemented new supply chain strategies to increase efficiency as it continues to grow.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) has stepped into the upper echelon of automotive suppliers over the past year after doubling in size through acquisition. Expanding from a $4 billion company procuring about $2.5 billion worth of materials into a $6.27 billion company with more than $4 billion in purchasing power, AAM continues to be a leading global Tier I supplier.

“The acquisition has impacted the supply chain positively,” Chief Procurement Officer Jake Stiteler says. “We have expanded the products that we now buy into – areas we hadn’t bought before – and take synergies between the two companies to consolidate the supply base, but at the same time looking at how we grow it and bring in new technologies.”

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Fujitec continues to improve the way its elevator projects are sourced and staged.

By Jim Harris

For more than 60 years, Fujitec has set an industry standard in the manufacturing, installation, modernization and service of specialized vertical elevator systems.

In recent years, the companys North American operation has improved on its history of quality and integrity by revamping the way it manufactures and delivers its systems.

Im proud of the inventory control and efficiency weve created not only for manufacturing and logistics, but most importantly for installation, says Joseph Smith, vice president of the companys New York regional office.

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Tecma Group of Companies offers supply chain management and other services to U.S. manufacturers operating in Mexico.

By Jim Harris

Many U.S.-based manufacturers look to Mexico as a place to produce their goods for a number of reasons. Mexicos proximity to the United States as well as its low overhead costs, among other factors, all contribute to making it an attractive offshoring option.

In recent years, Mexico has proven to be even more desirable as a manufacturing hotbed than China and other Asian countries that traditionally housed factories and exported goods to the United States. The countrys lower taxes and tariffs, more favorable wage structure, economic status and shorter transit times have convinced many to do business there instead of across the Pacific Ocean.

For more than 30 years, the Tecma Group of Companies has made it easy for manufacturers to set up shop in the United States southern neighbor. The El Paso, Texas-based company offers shelter partnership services to U.S. manufacturers.


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