This is called the Information Age, and with the rise of digital technology there are more types of information being transferred between people than ever before. The world’s information infrastructure is used to transfer everything from secure bank documents to children’s cartoon shows. The one thing all these different types of information have in common is that they all require increasingly sophisticated networks and devices to send and receive them. Perhaps no company understands this as well as ARRIS, a global telecommunications technology leader.

Among ARRIS’ many achievements are the development of digital television and the first wireless broadband gateway, and the company continues to be on the cutting-edge of developing the technology that will carry the next generation of information from point to point. The company says ultra HD television, cloud services and multiscreen video are areas where the company is focusing its attention for future innovations, and it is gearing up to ensure that its own internal processes are in prime condition to keep up with the speed of that future technology. 

The national transition in healthcare reimbursement from a fee-for-service to a fee-for-value model has forced healthcare providers across the country to find ways to lower their costs while maintaining a high quality and reliable service. For Advocate Health Care, evolving its supply chain operations to meet this challenge is its highest priority. 

“Our payment structure going forward is based on how well we advance, acquire and use products as part of our delivery of care, and making sure we understand the value of those products based on how we are paid,” says Thomas M. Lubotsky, vice president of supply chain and clinical resource management for the Downers Grove, Ill.-based healthcare system. “The cost of items is important, but balancing the cost of those products against the quality of care and safety they deliver is paramount. If we’re paid on fee-per-value, we have to be smarter about the costs of supplies we use to provide patient care and use them in a way that gives the best clinical results.”

As one of the world’s most successful and largest suppliers of specialty chemicals, W.R. Grace understands the importance and value of a strong catalyst. The company has remained consistently focused on excellence for more than 160 years, but Grace could not have maintained its level of success for long without the periodic need to introduce new catalysts for change. According to Director of Global Supply Chain Steven Seeb, the global chemical giant recently introduced a new catalyst in the form of a realignment of its supply chain that he says will make the company more efficient and provide better service to its customers around the world. 

Vantage Drilling was founded with a vision of bringing the best people together with the highest specification, modern fleet in the offshore drilling industry. It has a portfolio of modern rigs with the youngest ultra-deepwater fleet and the third youngest jack-up fleet in the industry. 

Founded in September 2006, Vantage Drilling had its first operating rig working in Thailand in February 2008. It now has three operating drillships and four jack-ups, with another drillship currently under construction. It is also managing the construction of two further drillships for Sonangol, the state oil company of Angola. Its rigs currently operate in the Gulf of Mexico, West Africa and Asia. Vantage has worked in 15 countries. 

Success in supply chain management can often be a simple matter of the connections a company makes. When it comes to finding solutions for energy, more than 3,000 companies have found success by having Tradition Energy in their corner. As one of the largest and most experienced, full-service energy management and procurement consulting firms in the world, Tradition Energy is in the business of helping its clients make the energy connections that best serve their needs and their bottom line. As Managing Director Justin Maccarone explains, the firm’s independence from energy service providers and its expertise make it ideally suited to help clients source what they’re looking for. 

Spectrum Health has several unique initiatives underway as its supply chain contract administrators proceed with standard sourcing. 

John Shull, system supply chain director, explains the system’s sourcing tasks include procedures for capital items, supply items and service. The supply chain division also ensures proper logistical movements of goods throughout the system of healthcare sites. “We ensure an appropriate inventory anticipating future demand,” Shull says. 

Skechers USA’s robust international growth has led to the expansion of its European Distribution Center. Its warehouse in Liege, Belgium, opened 12 years ago. Prior to that, Skechers’ overseas distribution needs were handled by third-party logistics. 

The distribution center began with ten employees in a 270,000-square-foot building. In 2009, a second 215,000-square-foot building was added. Now, there are more than 150 employees working at the European Distribution Center and by next year the facility will measure more than 750,000 square feet with a third building scheduled for completion in 2015. 

Simonds International Corp. has been manufacturing sawing and cutting tools since 1832, and the company knows its industry very well. “We have been serving the marketplace for 183 years,” Corporate Director of Procurement Mark Wysk says. “We are a manufacturer specializing in offering solutions to customers and serving the global marketplace.”

Clients in many wood- and metal-fabricating industries have turned to Simonds International for products and services to improve their position in the marketplace. 


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