Haverty Furniture Companies aims to become one of the best retail supply chains in the nation. By Chris Petersen

As a leading furniture retailer with more than 120 showrooms in 16 states throughout the Southeast and Midwest, Haverty Furniture Companies Inc. already has a highly effective supply chain organization behind it. Keeping its Havertys furniture showroom locations stocked with the most popular furniture brands means the company has to be at the top of its game, but Vice President of Global Supply Chain Abir Thakurta says the company isn’t satisfied with simply being good at what it does – he says the company wants to be one of the best in the retail sector.


HATCO strives to proactively makes hats that people want to buy with its quality, efficient operation. By Alan Dorich

The broad appeal of HATCO’s products transcends age, Vice President of Operations Dan Brown says. Its hat products are worn by an end-use base that ranges from “a grade school student [to] a 90-plus-year-old man or woman,” he says. “Hat wearers are typically confident people that enjoy making a fashion statement.”


dr. brandt skincare provides customers with innovative products while improving efficiencies and logistics. By Stephanie Crets

As a renowned dermatologist to celebrities, Dr. Frederic Brandt put his long-time skills to use and launched his own skincare product line in the late 1990s called dr. brandt skincare. Based on his extensive skincare research and innovations, the products were created to help everyday people repair and prevent skin damage, while promoting health and beauty. Brandt passed away on April 5, 2015, but his skincare line lives on in one of the fastest-growing companies in the cosmetics industry.


With 600 suppliers, DCD leads the way in distributing English-language comics and merchandise. By Alan Dorich

From its start in a warehouse with only 17 retail customers, Diamond Comic Distributors (DCD) Inc. grew into the world’s largest distributor of English-language comics, graphic novels and related pop-culture merchandise. “Over the years, we have reinvented how we do business to meet the changes and needs of our customers [both vendor and retailer] and the ever-changing challenges in the economy,” Vice President of Operations John Wurzer declares.


Cosmetic Essence Innovations strives to operate as an extension of its clients’ manufacturing operations. By Alan Dorich

Cosmetic Essence Innovations (CEI) has stayed adaptable when it comes to serving its clients for the past three decades. CEO Peter Martin explains the company spends much of its time studying the in-house capabilities of its customers to meet their exact needs.
    “We think that it gives us a leg up in being able to talk to our customers and prospective customers in a language that resonates,” he says. “We’ve done the homework to understand what kind of services our customers need.”


Callaway Golf’s supply chain operations ensure end-users get the right clubs and the best accessories for their game. By Jim Harris

Golf enthusiasts know there’s much more to the game of golf than just picking up a set of clubs and heading off to the golf course. The head, grip, shaft and other configurable elements of the clubs in a player’s bag all have a role in the golfer’s overall game. Since one size truly does not fit all when it comes to golf equipment, experienced and even neophyte players often look to customize their clubs to fit their swing.
    From the perspective of a player, the experience of customizing a set of golf clubs to suit their unique requirements is relatively straightforward. Players hit balls with various types of clubs – different shafts, head designs, etc. - with a club pro or a technician, who takes measurements for the adjustable aspects of the club, such as shaft length and flex, clubhead lie and loft and grip diameter. Those specifications are then sent to a manufacturer, and a short time later the player is ready to hit the links with the best club configurations possible for their game.


Blackhawk Network brings prepaid gift cards to retailers in 24 countries with innovative, efficient efforts. By Stephanie Crets

Consumers can walk into almost any U.S. grocery store and many other non-U.S. markets around the world and find a wall of gift cards for iTunes, Amazon, Kohl’s and more. When they pick a gift card out and purchase it at the register, the card is most likely activated on the Blackhawk Network platform.
    “Not only do we physically distribute those cards, but we have the technology that facilitates the activation of the card so that when a consumer buys a $15 gift card, the card is activated in seconds and capable of being redeemed,” says Patrick Maiorano, vice president of supply chain and procurement at Blackhawk Network.

TE Connectivity is focused on integrating its supply chain by developing cost-saving opportunities, shortening lead times and increasing flexibility to meet customers’ demands. “In general what you can see happening is everything goes quicker and quicker,” Chief Procurement Officer and Vice President, Global Procurement Niklas Hamnstedt says. “Lead time requirements and our ability to respond to customer requests more quickly are being elevated over time here.”

The Schaffhausen, Switzerland based B2B company manufactures connectors, sensors and electronic components to meet connectivity challenges in a wide array of environments and conditions. TE’s products deliver power, data and signal more efficiently and allows technology to more accurately react to the environment around it. 


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