Lowry Solutions

Its experienced staff helps enterprise mobility, IoT and Blockchain solutions provider Lowry Solutions retain and delight its clients.

By Jim Harris

Lowry Solutions thousands of clients may work in a variety of industries and in different locations around the world, but they are all a participant in a formal supply chain. In more than 40 years, you will not find a Lowry client that would complain that we had not delivered what we said, when, how we said we would deliver it and continuously provide support services to foothold our solutions, says Mike Lowry, CEO of the Brighton, Mich.-based company.

The company prides itself on being available to its clients on the highest level including having direct contact with CEO Mike Lowry, who co-owns the company with his brother Steve Lowry. Although we are a large company, the nature of our customer service model is to do it now, and do it right, stated John Greaves, IoT, RF and Blockchain architect for Lowry. When we onboard a new client or a new project, our methodology is first-class. We know what were doing and do it well.

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Comcast focuses on providing innovative built-in experiences and self-install products for its customers.  

by Kat Zeman

As technology moves forward and changes with increasing speed, many tech companies face new challenges - especially when it comes to supply chain. “As technology advances, a product’s lifecycle becomes shorter and shorter,” says Jeff Eissinger, vice president of integrated supply chain operations. “So from a supply chain perspective, our approach to inventory has become leaner and more focused.”

Comcast, along with a growing number of electronics manufacturers and service providers, is focusing on reverse logistics, a series of activities required to retrieve a used product from a customer and either dispose of it or reuse it.

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Burroughs Inc. acquires a new repair center and changes its inventory management approach.

By Kat Zeman

With the purchase of a new repair center and a change in its inventory management system, Burroughs Inc. is reducing expenses and making itself leaner.

Burroughs is a Plymouth, Mich.-based service company for third-party ATMs, teller cash automation, smart safes, branch automation equipment and self-service solutions throughout the United States, including Puerto Rico.

Through acquisition and organic growth, Burroughs has expanded its maintenance services footprint to offer one of the nation’s largest maintenance and support organizations with more than 800 customer service engineers delivering comprehensive and customized maintenance coverage. The company services more than 30,000 machines throughout the United States.

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Bahri is working to become a global leader in the shipping and logistics industry.

By Bianca Herron

Founded in 1978 as the national shipping carrier of Saudi Arabia, Bahri Logistics has since become one of the world’s leading transportation and logistics companies. With an unrelenting focus on innovation and delivering technology-driven, value-added onshore and offshore services, Bahri emphasizes six business units – oil, chemicals, logistics, dry bulk, ship management and data – and its service offerings includes transportation of crude oil, oil products, chemical, bulk and general cargo, as well as ship management. Bahri currently owns 91 vessels, including 44 VLCCs, 36 chemical/product tankers, six multipurpose vessels and five dry bulk carriers, with an additional two VLCCs on order.

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Amber Road serves companies such as Nike and Walmart with its software.

By Alan Dorich

Not many firms can say they have changed their industry, but Amber Road Inc. can. When the term “global trade management” (GTM) was created 15 years ago, “It largely meant trade compliance,” Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Ty Bordner recalls.

That has changed since Amber Road made its mark on the industry. Today, “It’s not just compliance, it’s whatever you need to move those goods across country borders,” he says. “We’ve expanded the definition.”

Based in East Rutherford, N.J., Amber Road provides cloud-based GTM software, trade content and training. “We help our companies transform their business through digitization,” Bordner says, noting that the firm started operations in 1993, but moved into the GTM space 10 years later.

Securitas USA web photo

Securitas USA continues to creatively leverage cutting-edge technology and its employees to meet clients’ needs in ever more challenging security environments.

By Bianca Herron

As the leader in protective services, Securitas is a knowledge leader in the security industry, providing security solutions that deliver efficiencies without compromising security. Globally, Securitas and its 330,000 employees operate in 55 countries. It is the only company that provides security expertise across the “six pillars” of protective services. This includes on-site, mobile and remote guarding services; as well as electronic security, fire and life safety; and, through its Pinkerton division, corporate risk management.

In the United States, Securitas has 90,000 employees, more than 200 offices and nearly 500 branch managers. These resources support Securitas’ commitment to being the industry’s most locally-focused security provider.


Sedlak develops successful supply chain strategies

to provide its clients with a competitive edge.

By Janice Hoppe-Spiers

Over nearly six decades, Sedlak has built a reputation as the go-to specialist in distribution and logistics consulting. The company’s tagline, “Delivering Remarkable Experience,” is an affirmation of not only the overall expertise of the firm, but also the character of its associates. The company plans to double its size in the next five to 10 years by continuing to meet its customers’ needs with additional services and staff, and staying at the forefront of technology.


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