Materne – GoGosqueeZ

GoGosqueeZ sets itself apart with products that promote healthy eating.

By Alan Dorich, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Publishing

The desire to eat healthy is stronger than ever among consumers, which has driven many to enter the market with nutritious products. But GoGosqueeZ has set itself apart by offering a higher level of quality, Vice President of Supply Chain Debra Lin says.

For example, its applesauce products do not feature any water, high fructose corn syrup, or juice concentrates like those found in its competitors’, but instead only includes apples and lemon juices. This ensures that “families and children are getting the full fruit,” she says.GoGo info box

Based in New York City, GoGosqueeZ offers on-the-go fruit pack products that feature applesauce and other fruits and vegetables. Lin explains that the company’s origins go back to 2008, when it was created as a spinoff of Pom’Potes, a fruit-in-a-pouch product from Materne.

When the company saw success with Pom’Potes in France, it brought the product to the United States as GoGosqueeZ. Today, the company has more than 30 flavors in its lines and can be found in any grocery store or mass retailer across the nation, Lin says.

GoGo squeeZ also operates with the mission of providing children with healthy and happy snacking experiences. “When you look at the nutritional channel of our apple SKUs, we compare to that of an actual apple,” she says.

In addition, the company ensures quality by forming strong relationships with the best apple growers. “We also have really terrific technology in the factory and are able to put that into our pouches and make them shelf stable,” she says.

Driving Growth

Today, GoGosqueeZ’s products can be found in retailers’ canned and cut fruit aisles. “We’ve been one of the strongest growth drivers of that aisle,” Lin says, but adds that the company wants to increase its share of sales and the category.

GoGosqueeZ plans to do that by staying innovative and introducing top-quality items “that resonate with kids and their families, as well as great campaigning,” Lin says, adding that the company recently made an addition to its line.

Earlier this year, it introduced its GoGosqueeZ SmoothieZ, which is a blend of yogurt, apples and gluten-free whole oats. “It has more protein than normal,” she says. “That’s something we’re really excited for.”

Lin adds that the yogurt in the SmoothieZ is sourced from Materne’s location near Normandy, which is known for high-quality dairy products. “We’re able to get that fresh milk to our factory and we’re able to convert that into shelf-stable yogurt,” she says. “People in the United States can enjoy the quality of Normandy dairy.”

Strong Support

Lin joined GoGosqueeZ earlier this year after working for Unilever for more than a decade.  During her time at the company, “I had the opportunity to jump through every core function of the supply chain,” she recalls.

She has applied that experience at GoGosqueez, which plans to launch more innovations in the first quarter of 2020. “What I’ve been focused on is optimizing our supply chain for the growth,” Lin says.

“We have so much room to try new things and invest in new processes and systems so we can optimize ourselves,” she continues, noting that this will help speed up GoGosqueez’s reactivity when it comes to changes in forecasts or demand. “Our customers are facing a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, and we want to help them react quickly to changes that happen.”

But Lin is proud of the company and what it has already accomplished. Although some larger competitors overlook the need to service the end customer, GoGosqueez has not let that slip by. “All the functions keep this core value top of mind,” she says.

“They are able to work together and choose what’s best for the end customer and help drive growth for the company,” she says. “At times, even though it may be difficult, we go all in to support growth and to support reach.

“That’s what we [do when we] put our heads together,” Lin says. “It’s a really great team environment and dynamic that’s focused on supporting the goals.”

She sees a strong future ahead for the company, which will build awareness around healthy and happy eating for children and adults. “I think GoGosqueeZ is going to remain a really key brand,” she says. “I see it as a staple in all households.”