HAVI Global Solutions

HAVI Global Solutions (HGS) is a leader in providing collaborative and strategic managed services, and prides itself in providing a unique value to each of its customers, according to Scott Saunders, senior vice president of supply chain integration at HGS.

HGS leverages its global network to provide customers with managed services across the supply chain, including packaging; supply chain solutions; business/marketing and supply chain analytics; promotions management; merchandising and LTO management; and recycling, waste and sustainability solutions.

“We play an orchestration role,” Saunders says. “We start the song at the beginning, optimize at the right points and then finish by providing a competitive advantage to the customer.

“We offer customers a combined suite of services as well as an a la carte choice, catering to their needs,” Saunders explains. “As an example, we have a foodservice client we’ve worked with for the past 10+ years on different points of their supply chain. We act as an extended partner to link all of their other vendors and retail outlets together with common data. This allows for better streamlining and an ability to make better decisions for the business as a whole rather than one piece of the supply chain. In other words, we build and execute their optimum network, as well as their standard performance criteria.”

Clear Expectations

HGS works closely with its customers to truly understand their respective businesses and, ultimately exceed their expectations. Its recommended solution could involve using a set of the customers’ own tools or tools provided by HGS, but the end goal is to help customers continually build on their established strengths and give them a competitive advantage.

“It is important to use the right communication to all of the right stakeholders,” Saunders says. “When you are doing business with an extended supply chain – big or small – you must have the right governance and set clear expectations from the beginning to ensure stakeholders understand the message from their perspective.”

Saunders adds that HGS is well-adapted to handle customers’ expectations in today’s global market landscape, despite unexpected market volatility.

“Customers want the ability to take data, turn it into effective planning information and make key business decisions,” he says. “They want efficient decisions with focused analytics, including scenario planning. It is all part of working in lock-step with them and leveraging the same view of demand across the supply chain.”

HGS also prioritizes its internal talent to maintain its high level of customer service. Saunders adds that there are great opportunities for supply chain professionals, in particular, those who are able to understand this ongoing supply chain transformation.

“It is especially important to us to develop the best talent internally in our own organization so we are better able to support our customers’ needs.”

Beyond Flow Management

HGS’ analytics and supply chain division has traditionally worked with foodservice companies, but it is also finding success in the consumer packaged-goods companies and retail operations sectors. With the consumer packaged-goods clients, the supply chain division can conveniently partner with the HGS business that provides packaging solutions.

In working with retailers, HGS looks at customers’ sales and operations planning, marketing plan and supply chain to determine how retailers can become more competitive. HGS then determines where customers stand on sales, inventory and production, and where they need to be to meet – and beat – expectations made by their sales promotions.

“A key piece of our work in retail is helping clients manage their limited-time-offer promotions and helping them ensure the right product is in the right place,” Saunders says. “We want customers to understand where their products are, and we have the visibility to adjust quickly – in manufacturing or distribution inventory – to meet demand.”

HGS is well-versed in these areas, and it is confident its comprehensive capabilities and will enable its continued growth – with foodservice, retail, consumer packaged goods or any market that it aims to serve.

“With our present clients, we are going to keep going after the opportunities we have to make them better,” Saunders says. “This involves working with them to co-manage their supply chain and expanding into the financial and marketing sides of the customers’ businesses. We’re able to take their central information and share it across the organization to truly drive their competitive edge.

“We will continue enabling and creating the right resources internally, then identify how they will fit along customers’ supply chain maturity curve. We will continue to go beyond just managing their product flow to best serve their needs.”