12th Annual American Supply Chain and Logistics Summit Preview

The 12th Annual American Supply Chain and Logistics Summit, produced by WTG Events, will bring together senior executives from across the supply chain and logistics fields to enjoy an unbeatable mix of networking, expert case studies, interactive debates and master classes over three exceptional days. On December 8-10 in Dallas, WTG Events will connect decision-making attendees with thought-leading speakers, senior-level peers and industry-disrupting suppliers to collaborate on the sector’s most pressing issues and challenges.

WTG Events provide attendees with an excellent platform to exchange thoughts on industry trends, developments and innovations. At this year’s American Supply Chain and Logistics Summit, attendees will discover new insights around every corner.

Must-See Events

In the State of the Industry event, attendees will explore current trends in global supply chain and logistics, hearing from Unilever’s Vice President of North American Supply Chain Reginaldo Ecclissato. Having been with Unilever for more than 20 years and overseen the transformation of its supply chain during that time into a truly connected global network, attendees will hear Ecclissato discuss Unilever’s supply chain transformation over the last five years and its effort to establish a truly global, interconnected and agile infrastructure.

Walmart’s Leading the Way event, led by Senior Vice President of Transportation and Supply Chain Tracy L. Rosser, attendees will learn about Walmart’s effort to innovate in order to improve efficiency and performance standards in transportation. Rosser will discuss re-conceptualizing the transportation function as a leverage item to improve business from an operational and a cost perspective. Rosser will also talk about overcoming roadblocks by looking at current challenges in transportation and how to conquer them, as well as discussing new projects and strategies driving transportation at Walmart into the future.

Vice President of Global Logistics for Halliburton John Vogt will lead another major event, Growing Pains: Driving Innovation in SCM to Facilitate the Development of New Business in Emerging Markets. Vogt will discuss Halliburton’s efforts to assess the opportunities and challenges of establishing complex logistics infrastructures in emerging, volatile and even dangerous markets. He will also talk about planning ahead as Halliburton prepares for unexpected costs understanding indigenous regulation, finding local talent and making first contact to establish relationships with foreign suppliers. In addition, Vogt will touch on achieving equilibrium by managing global and domestic teams and coordinating people towards a cohesive, common goal.

Office Depot’s Senior Vice President of Supply Chain Larry Hartley will lead another event looking at supply chain diversity. In Hartley’s event, attendees will learn how Office Depot is fulfilling its rising employment needs through co-operative pre-training programs. In addition, Hartley will discuss how Office Depot is inspiring growth and empowerment within the organization by providing jobs and generating economic development in the places where it lives, works and plays. Hartley will also talk about the importance of establishing a business that employees are proud to represent, demonstrating the benefits of supply chain diversity for both people and profit, and lessons learned during the project and how Office Depot hopes to grow it in the future.

Yet another intriguing session will feature Lenovo’s Vice President, Enterprise Business Unit, Supply Chain Operations Timothy E. Carroll. In his Looking to the Future in a ‘Glocal’ Environment: Building a Globally Connected Local Supply Chain event, Carroll will talk about how to create a flexible, scalable global supply chain with customer service at the core; delivering the value and variety of the world market to consumers on a local scale; and maintaining oversight and visibility in an ever-expanding organization to ensure quality, safety and social responsibility. Carroll will also talk about developing talent and aligning the workforce with people, partners, projects and profit, as well as discussing how e-commerce will continue to change the game in supply chain management.

One on One

Another standout aspect of the American Supply Chain and Logistics Summit are one-to-one meetings. The agenda is organized around a schedule of highly targeted, pre-arranged one-to-one meetings between key corporate buyers and service providers.

Each meeting is preplanned and based on the detailed profile information supplied by each attendee and the sponsors. Meetings address specific challenges or service requirements attendees face in their businesses. This is the ideal platform for summit attendees to meet and do business, which is at the heart of what makes the American Supply Chain and Logistics Summit distinct from other exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

All attendees are screened and are restricted to senior and key decision makers in their fields. The American Supply Chain and Logistics Summit’s meetings software ensures that only mutually-matched meetings take place, maximizing meeting time and accelerating business opportunities. Upon arrival to the summit both attendees and sponsors will be provided with a detailed schedule of meetings, with timings, and detailed profile information about who they are meeting.

In the end, the American Supply Chain & Logistics Summit focuses on strategic planning and performance initiatives as leading supply chain experts share the latest issues influencing everything from supply chain performance management and supply chain tools and technology to transportation and logistics, material handling and sustainability. Through world-class programs, personalized meetings with solution providers, and the opportunity to network with peers, attendees will find all of the information they need. Visit www.supplychain.us.com for more information.