ChemicoMays provides chemical management services to many of the country’s most prolific manufacturers.

When working with a supplier, OEMs want two primary things: a product that fits the requirements and a reliable partner. But chemicals aren’t like most vendor-sourced items. If a ball socket mount cracks it can easily be sent back to the supplier and replaced. Chemical supplies, on the other hand, can carry an environmental cost and require careful sourcing and disposal. Few OEMs are equipped to handle that challenge on their own. They need a firm that can manage the entire lifecycle of their chemical products.

For many large manufacturers, ChemicoMays is that chemical partner. The Michigan-based company provides a range of chemical management services (CMS) including procurement supply and logistics, environmental health and safety, inventory management and distribution.
“Each aspect of CMS is important in its own right, and care and consideration must be given to ensure that the entire lifecycle of an organization’s chemicals are handled effectively, safely and in an environmentally sound way,” the company says. According to ChemicoMays, implementing a CMS solution can result in improved delivery of chemicals; lower operations, chemical and labor costs; improved compliance with environmental regulations; enhanced worker safety; better data retention, categorization and information storage; and the ability to optimize existing processes.
The company’s list of customers includes several of the country’s biggest names. Automobile makers such as Ford, Toyota, General Motors and Chrysler, and other OEMS such as Honeywell, Boeing, Amgen and Delphi all count on ChemicoMays to oversee the entire lifecycles of their chemicals. The company is even involved in the nation’s defense, providing CMS for the U.S. Air Force.
Chemico was founded in 1989 to provide research and development for nonhazardous paint and materials for the automotive industry. In the years since, the company evolved to encompass a broader range of chemical and facility management services including waste disposal, custodial, operational maintenance and energy management. In 2006, Chemico Group and Mays Chemical formed a joint venture and named the company ChemicoMays.
After nine years of success, the joint venture dissolved in February 2015 so that both companies could focus on their core competencies. However, the former joint venture retained the ChemicoMays name and became a subsidiary of Chemico Group while Mays continues to supply ChemicoMays with chemical solutions.

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Environmental Advances
The company helps clients lessen their environmental impacts in four key ways: awareness, inventory management, reuse and redistribution and compliance. Awareness is ChemicoMay’s first step in creating greener customers. The company provides education and training about the effects and end disposition of chemicals.
“ChemicoMays is committed to providing industry-leading chemical management services that enable our clients to focus on their core business, all while reducing their environmental footprint through reducing chemical use and introducing greener solutions,” the company says.
Education is key to understanding why environmental programs are important, but implementation is what drives results. ChemicoMays begins at the inventory management level by accurately monitoring chemical stock, product expiration dates and improving storage and handling to reduce waste from expired products, cross-contamination and breakage. Reuse and redistribution further limits the amount of wasted product.
Finally, compliance ties it all together. “Our programs are an important parts of our customers’ environmental, health and safety compliance programs,” the company says. “MSDS management, environmental compliance reporting and permit support are all services offered as part of our programs.”

Reputation Recognition
During its first year of operation in 1989, ChemicoMays generated about $1 million in revenue. Today, that number has climbed to about $100 million due to the quality of its services, as well as its dedication to meet clients’ standards.
ChemicoMays meets those high standards by achieving ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. “At ChemicoMays, we strive to achieve the highest levels of quality with all of our customers, in every process we are involved in,” the company says.
Although it already has a highly regarded reputation with its clients, ChemicoMays continues to find ways to improve its capabilities. The company is working to become more efficient by consolidating its supplier base, identifying preferred suppliers and increasing purchasing volume to secure better pricing. Additionally, by implementing a new ERP system, the company hopes to create the scalability it needs to support future growth.
Clients recognize the company’s dedication. GM has chosen ChemicoMays as a supplier of the year award recipient for the past seven consecutive years. “At Chemico, we are constantly improving our services and process across our organization to continue to align with the needs of our customers,” said Leon Richardson, president and CEO in a statement. “It is a true privilege and honor to be recognized by General motors, and a strong testament to our commitment of service, quality and excellence.”