Bentley & Co is empowering travelers with functional luggage that ticks all the boxes 

When it comes to traveling, whether by car, rail, plane, or even on foot, passengers need reliable, durable luggage to protect their belongings and enable a seamless, stress-free journey.  

One company providing exactly that is Bentley & Co Ltd (Bentley). As Canada’s go-to retailer when it comes to choosing luggage, handbags, backpacks, business bags, leather goods, and travel accessories, Bentley boasts an impressive product portfolio and an equally admirable supply chain to facilitate production. 

The business has successfully achieved significant milestones by encompassing a diverse range of brands, including in-house labels like Tracker for comprehensive

Sonia Ermacora

travel solutions and Riona for stylish handbags. In addition to its own brands, Bentley manufactures and distributes products for customer-favorite brands like Samsonite, Air Canada, and Jansports. 

“Bentley is synonymous with stylish luggage, characterized by collaborations with brands and designers to create exclusive limited editions and special collections,” begins Sonia Ermacora, Vice President of Supply Chain and Distribution. “Our overarching mission is to empower individuals to become luggage experts, while continually enhancing the traveler experience by offering top-notch products and staying attuned to the dynamic landscape of the travel industry. 

“We’re committed to developing unique and attention-grabbing designs with distinctive characteristics. Our Tracker brand, for instance, is a line of travel gear from luggage to backpacks, meticulously designed right here in Montréal, Canada, to ensure customers are well-equipped on their travels. On the other hand, our Riona handbag collection proudly holds PETA certification, underscoring our dedication to cruelty-free, vegan fashion. 

“Through strategic partnerships with airlines and travel companies, we stay ahead of industry trends in materials and manufacturing processes, ensuring our products remain innovative and sought after,” Sonia continues. “We transcend the notion of mere functionality here at Bentley, instead aspiring to make luggage a statement of aesthetics. Termed as ‘making luggage sexy’, our offering spans a wide range of colors and includes unique accessories to cater to those individuals who seek both style and substance.” 

Aside from ensuring its products meet quality and visual expectations, Bentley is passionate about sustainability, both in terms of sourcing and reducing emissions. “Our environmental consciousness takes precedence when it comes to the supply chain,” Sonia states. “While our products are designed to offer versatility and functionality, the seamless integration of veganism and sustainable practices into our operations and products is equally fundamental to our ethos.   

Commitment to excellence 

“We prioritize the quality of our materials and craftsmanship to ensure the durability and longevity of our products, which aims to reduce the need for frequent replacements. To support this, we offer a generous warranty on all products, as well as hassle-free repairs. When it comes to sourcing, many of our designs opt for synthetic leather alternatives, recycled fabrics, and plant-based materials. Our Riona handbags even feature lining made from recycled plastic bottles! 

“Through comprehensive onboarding processes, we thoroughly vet all our suppliers to guarantee that they are committed to social compliance, which is often supported by certifications or alignments with industry standards,” she continues. “We conduct regular audits and evaluations of our entire supply chain to maintain high ethical and sustainable standards, which is supported by our partnership with Duviter in China and Vietnam. 

“Our commitment to sustainability and continuous improvement is also at the forefront of our distribution strategy. We constantly evaluate and enhance our practices, leveraging advancement in technology, materials, and industry standards. We focus on streamlining the supply chain, reducing lead times, and enhancing overall efficiency. 

“A key aspect of our approach involves optimizing cargo movements from entry into the country, through the Vancouver port, and across Canada. We’ve also adopted the innovative concept of nesting our luggage, akin to Russian dolls, which eliminates unnecessary packaging as one box can serve for three pieces of luggage.” 

Sustainability is just one of the ways in which Bentley exceeds customer expectations as part of its commitment to delivering exceptional service. “We have a team of dedicated experts to accompany customers throughout their shopping journey, providing valuable insights and understanding of our diverse collections,” Sonia explains. “As we aim to build a robust brand identity, we must continue to successfully balance competitive pricing with exceptional value to connect with our customers on a deeper level. 

“Customers can find us in every province through our extensive network of 160 stores across Canada, as well as online through our e-commerce offering. We envision a global presence for Bentley in the future, for which we have strategic plans in place including ambitious goals for international market expansion and establishing the Tracker brand in the global travel industry.” 

With a clear focus on creating stylish yet sustainable luggage, Bentley is sure to continue experiencing success in 2024 and beyond. “It’s an exciting time to be part of Bentley,” Sonia concludes. “We’re gearing up to conquer new horizons and captivate the world with our relentless commitment to excellence. Our strong network is crucial to enabling our success, and so I extend my gratitude to our suppliers, customers, and employees, who make Bentley’s vision a reality.  

“I envision Bentley not just as a company, but as a global phenomenon that exemplifies quality, innovation, and customer centricity. Our brand will continue to inspire people and be a leader that sets trends as we establish a legacy that transcends generations.”