Cimcorp launches revolutionary CVision Assisted Reality glasses

The Assisted Reality glasses will be used for real-time automation support, providing an efficient and secure service for Cimcorp’s customers

Cimcorp, a pioneer of intralogistics automation specializing in fresh food and materials handling solutions, has announced CVision Assisted Reality (AR) glasses as the latest addition to its Success Services after-sales support range.

The AR glasses will power bidirectional communication between Cimcorp customers and System Support, enabling the team to assist customers in real-time, without the need to travel or arrange an on-site meeting.

Nicole Le Duke, Customer Support Manager at Cimcorp, said: “At Cimcorp, we’re committed to building lifelong partnerships with our clients. And at the core of those relationships is the peace of mind we offer through 24/7 customer support. Thanks to our CVision AR-glasses, our experts now have a faster, more efficient way to communicate with clients and resolve any issues.”

The glasses allow a Cimcorp official to see the customer’s problem first-hand through a live video. Cimcorp can then add hand-drawn marks or annotations to clarify instructions, enhancing the efficiency with which it can solve customers’ issues.

CVision technology from Realwear is based on communication by Cisco, a leading networking company. The hands-free glasses are intuitive, able to translate over 100 languages, and can be upgraded with an add-on heat camera to detect problems not visible to the human eye. Also, with effective noise-cancelling technology, the AR glasses are safe and easy to use in industrial environments.

By minimizing customers’ unplanned downtime and maximizing the performance of their automated solutions, this reciprocal transmission of information allows for Cimcorp’s high-quality, rapid customer support.