Delivering healthcare

In healthcare, the critical need to shield against supply chain disruption and increase resiliency has been widely acknowledged; together with their software partners, US healthcare supply chain leaders are defining new industry best practices to stay adaptable in the face of increased volatility.

This shift has created a healthcare supply chain landscape ripe for the kind of transformation by which Tecsys has earned its reputation. Several national health systems have adopted Tecsys’ supply chain platform, and among them, Tecsys is delighted to be working with UC (University of Cincinnati) Health to build on this tradition of innovation and adhere to the highest standards of quality, safety, service and price.

Tecsys is helping UC Health to improve data capture practices, strengthen operational visibility, control costs and reduce non-value-added tasks. By automating supply chain processes across the health system, Tecsys is supporting UC Health’s longstanding legacy of delivering progressive and patient-centric healthcare to its community.

“We selected Tecsys to automate demand capture at over 200 inventory locations in order to unencumber staff from collecting demand data at the inventory site while ensuring alignment with the health system’s forthcoming ERP needs,” says Matt VonderHaar, director of Supply Chain Analytics, UC Health.

As the healthcare industry continues to change and the impact of government regulations b