Delivering success

This is good news for Shipster clients who want to give their customers an even more seamless delivery experience, and good news for eCommerce businesses looking for a shipping integrator that will incorporate their customer what3words locations. The partnership will enable online retailers to automatically include their customer’s what3words address in their delivery information and print it onto the shipping label for the courier to use. This integration will remove the need for phone calls from lost delivery drivers going to complex locations, and means deliveries arrive at the precise location faster and more efficiently. Drivers will no longer have to ask customers for additional directions, optimizing the delivery process and providing a smoother customer experience.

Speaking from a technical standpoint, Tony Cheetham, Shipster Founder & MD commented: “Working with what3words has been very easy and the technology has been simple to add to our platform. It’s a feature that will make deliveries more successful the first time around for our clients with customers in remote, complex or unique locations.”