Discover how MCPC safeguards clients’ technology investments and empowers future generations by leveraging sustainable supply chain practices 

A trusted business partner in the industry, MCPC assists its clients in managing the complexity of their organizations’ hardware and software needs. Designed to help businesses improve user productivity, enhance security, mitigate risks, and maximize budgets, MCPC provides access to valuable data that empowers each client to effectively navigate their technology landscape. With a holistic strategy for its clients’ IT needs, MCPC goes beyond endpoint defense and offers business offense. By protecting devices, simplifying endpoint management, and empowering employee performance, MCPC fosters digital innovation within each collective line of business. Joe Mariuzza, Vice President of Supply Chain and Production, sheds light on MCPC’s endeavors.  

“Founded in 2002, MCPC is a technology company that covers end-to-end lifecycle management of an organization’s end-user devices. From procurement to sustainable disposition, we ensure effective and secure management of our clients’ technology assets. Our expertise extends to centrally and remotely managing entire device fleets, including laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile and IoT devices, medical carts, and more, all while guaranteeing a seamless end-user experience. Whether our clients are looking to drive down costs, ramp up productivity, improve efficiency, enhance sustainability or safeguard against cyber threats, MCPC possesses the expertise and tools to optimize a business’ hardware investments and deliver exceptional buying, distribution, and end-user experiences,” he enlightens. 

As an end-to-end service provider, MCPC’s offering is very versatile. “To effectively deliver our supply chain management services, MCPC leverages its expertise in procurement, secure warehousing, managed inventory, kitting, secure delivery, and reverse logistics. Our proven processes ensure our clients’ devices are stored, inventoried, labeled, configured, and shipped according to their unique requirements. Furthermore, we embed our other lines of business into our lifecycle management practice in varying ways. For instance, through our IT Asset Management (ITAM) solution, we assist organizations in maximizing the value of their IT investments by providing comprehensive insight into their hardware and software assets. From strategic consulting on tech implementation to ongoing asset management, MCPC encourages clients to make data-driven decisions, thus improving their operational efficiency and reducing technology costs. Additionally, our cybersecurity services enable organizations to stay ahead of modern threats while maintaining business agility and innovation. MCPC’s cybersecurity solutions include consulting, implementation, and managed services, thereby ensuring the protection of clients’ data, users, and devices. Lastly, our IT asset disposition (ITAD) services promote environmental responsibility through redeployment, remarketing, and sustainable e-recycling options,” elaborates Joe.  

Security and sustainability 

Moving on, Joe describes MCPC’s supply chain and procurement functions. “With 99 percent of the inventory sourced exclusively for specific clients, I believe our supply chain and procurement functions are quite unique. Instead of engaging in speculative buying, we focus solely on meeting client inventory levels. MCPC procures from multiple sources, whether it is through direct purchases from a manufacturer or a master distributor, or on behalf of a client, all while maintaining direct relationships with distribution and manufacturing partners,” he says. 

Committed to making a positive impact within the supply chain world, MCPC embraces a variety of sustainable practices. “A significant aspect of this commitment is reflected in our ITAD facility, where we incorporate security and sustainability throughout our processes. For example, when it comes to the end of life of devices, we securely take them to our ITAD facility where they will either be repaired, refurbished, remarketed, or recycled. For items that are beyond repair and can’t be repurposed, we leverage multiple downstream recycling processes to ensure we are retiring devices in an environmentally responsible way. Additionally, we leverage sustainable best practices across our lifecycle management operations. Therefore, we utilize reusable packaging and eco-friendly shipping methods in both forward and reverse logistics processes. Notably, MCPC has developed eco delivery carts that enable our clients to receive their devices in a secure manner while reducing the need for excessive dunnage. In certain situations, we have had the opportunity to work with our manufacturing partners to minimize their use of Styrofoam, which is notoriously hard to recycle. Instead, we have been using cardboard, a much eco-friendlier alternative. Another example of MCPC’s adoption of sustainable practices lies in our collaboration with manufacturing partners who can create custom builds tailored to our clients’ needs. This allows us to remove unnecessary items in the build, such as keyboards, mice, and monitor stands because they may not be required by a specific client. Although these items can be recycled sustainably, we would rather avoid having to do so in the first place,” highlights Joe.  

Environmental initiatives 

Another aspect of MCPC’s green approach is through giving back to communities, recognizing that as a business, every choice it makes has an impact. “As a tech company, addressing electronic waste (e-waste) is a big focus of ours, and that through that initiative led to our partnership with the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We wanted the community to understand the impact technology has on the environment so by partnering with the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, we selected gorilla conservation as our focus, using it as a symbol to ultimately tell that story,” says Joe.  

Electronics devices, such as laptops, cell phones and tablets contain a mineral known as coltan, which has a negative impact on gorilla populations. The mining of this mineral disrupts the habitat of lowland gorillas.  

Joe continues: “We also partner with community organizations to sponsor e-recycling events that allow area residents to drop off their older and unused electronics to be safely and securely recycled. Any funds earned from these events are donated to support gorilla conservation. 

“Ultimately when we look at the supply chain of electronics, we must think about the ripple effect it has on the environment and our wildlife. So, the goal of the initiative is to inspire our community to embrace recycling as a means of safeguarding our precious natural resources,” says Joe.  

Positive impact 

MCPC is involved in several other community programs. “Some years ago, we began a partnership with a local public-school in Cleveland to provide an alternative education pathway. MCPC stands out among other companies for having integrated a classroom directly within its facility. Students are empowered to attend classes for part of the day and then work as interns the rest of the time, allowing them to acquire hands-on and real-life experience. The program not only provides students with career opportunities within IT and logistics, but also enables them to enhance their skills and earn their certifications within their respective fields. Subsequently, we strive to hire many of them as full-time employees. Another way we impact our communities is through our partnership with The Foundry, a non-profit organization dedicated to granting Cleveland’s youth access to sports like rowing and sailing. MCPC chose to partner with The Foundry because we resonate with their mission of teaching students about these sports and giving them opportunities to compete in college. Rowing and sailing are relatively accessible as they offer numerous scholarships, empowering students to access an education that might have otherwise been unattainable,” ends Joe. 

 By delivering customized solutions, promoting environmental stewardship, and giving back to communities, MCPC delivers on its commitments, strengthening its reputation in the industry.