Flexport launches a revolution to democratize entrepreneurs’ supply chains 

Introducing the first-ever self-service, AI-driven end-to-end supply chain solution that will empower entrepreneurs with the benefits of scalability  

Embarking on a supply chain revolution, Flexport has launched an all-in-one, end-to-end global trade solution. It will provide instant access to financing, freight, fulfilment, and replenishment to all major marketplaces and retail stores.  

The revolution provides one-click access to more than 20 supply chain services on a single page. By automating the movement of products from factory floor to customer door, it enables seamless selling in multiple places.  

“Global trade is as old as time, but for entrepreneurs, it hasn’t gotten any easier to move your goods,” said Ryan Petersen, Founder and CEO of Flexport. “I started my entrepreneurial journey selling scooters, so I know first-hand the desire to focus on innovating and selling products. That’s why I’m super proud that we’ve launched a new all-in-one, instant solution to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses.” 

Entrepreneurs can access Flexport’s new solution at no cost, empowering them with the benefits of scale. For those that want additional services, Flexport+ is a new membership program offering exclusive access to industry-leading services. With Flexport+, entrepreneurs get more capital at terms uniquely oriented to the needs of small businesses. The platform is available for a 90-day free trial and will be $149 per month thereafter.  

Using AI, the new end-to-end supply chain solution can integrate with all major merchants. By forming a single pool of inventory, Flexport customers can sell everywhere without the need to manage multiple providers.  

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a fast-growing business, figuring out how to ship and deliver your goods takes a ton of resources, know-how, and time,” said Parisa Sadrzadeh, Executive Vice President of SMB Product and Technology at Flexport. “Entrepreneurs want to focus on growing their business, not logistics. Our supply chain revolution makes logistics so simple that entrepreneurs can scale with one partner, regaining the time and resources to supercharge their growth.”