Global supply chain network moves towards carbon neutrality

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions announces that five additional sites in the US will be powered with green electricity

In its US distribution centers in Louisville, Kentucky, and Valencia, California, Arvato Supply Chain Solutions (Arvato) has switched its supply to wind and solar energy, in a change estimated to reduce Arvato’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by an average of around 3100 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

However, with renewable energy still limited in some regions of the US, Arvato is working with two local utilities to provide its Kentucky site with a green power program, which buys renewable energy to offset the electricity consumed on-site.

Site Director of Arvato’s Louisville campus, Rachael Miller, commented: “Because our distribution centers in Louisville are among the first in the US, we are especially proud that these sites are now purchasing green electricity to support the expansion of renewable energy in the region.”

Similarly, the Valencia site relies on the Clean Power Alliance, a locally-operated, not-for-profit electricity provider. Matthew Langer, Chief Operating Officer at Clean Power Alliance, proposed: “When companies like Arvato choose to use renewable energy in their operations, it can help spur demand for more renewables in the market and contribute to the renewable energy transition.”

Together with parent company, Bertelsmann, Arvato has set out an ambitious plan to be carbon neutral by 2030. Mitat Aydindag, President of Arvato North America, said: “To achieve this goal, all Arvato sites worldwide will be converted to green electricity, underscoring our company commitment to environmental protection and the responsible use of natural resources.”

He elaborated: “Having already made a decisive contribution to achieving our climate protection targets with these measures, we will now look at the remaining emissions and consider which measures we can use to compensate for them.”