Healthier supply chains

Tecsys Inc., an industry-leading supply chain management software company, has revealed its Elite™ Healthcare supply chain management platform is playing a fundamental role in the US healthcare industry as supply chains are remastered in the aftermath of one of the nation’s greatest operational stress tests.

Since the beginning of Covid-19 shutdowns, Tecsys has added nearly a dozen new healthcare organizations to its network of customers and deepened its partnerships with several existing customers, with over 30 healthcare accounts investing in major supply chain initiatives to help contend with the operational fractures exposed by the pandemic.

Tecsys is working with a number of customers looking to leverage technology better suited to the complexities of today’s healthcare supply chain, including Mayo Clinic. As announced in 2020: “By utilizing Tecsys’ services, Mayo Clinic will gain a digitally integrated end-to-end supply chain platform with enterprise visibility and agility.”

Organizations equally focused on supply chain execution excellence, like Gunderson Health System, McLeod Health, Orlando Regional Healthcare System and Medical University of South Carolina, to name a few, are among Tecsys’ growing customer base focused on modernizing their operations.