How Sandea Wholesale distributes timely solutions amid logistics challenges 

Sandea Wholesale Ltd founded by Sanjeet Manek, winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2023, is a leading wholesaler specializing in a variety of market-leading FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), OTC (Over-the-Counter) medicines, cosmetics, and toiletries. Through strong trading partnerships with suppliers, the company delivers an extensive range of products at competitive prices. Leveraging expert knowledge and a customer-centric approach, Sandea Wholesale uniquely assesses each opportunity to successfully meet and exceed client expectations. 

“Originally from Tanzania, I moved to the UK, where I studied at university and worked in investment banking for around 12 years,” begins Sanjeet. “When the pandemic hit, I realized my desire to work for myself rather than someone else. Hence, in 2019, I ventured into wholesaling with the creation of Sandea Wholesale. This felt like a natural transition for me, as I found wholesaling resembled investment banking, but with a focus on trading physical goods instead of stocks and shares.” 

Sandea skin care products on display stallSince its inception, Sandea Wholesale has experienced impressive year-on-year growth of around 260 percent over the past three years, becoming a member of the Sugro buying group in 2023. Sandea Wholesale distinguishes itself by specializing in multiple sectors, effectively supplying food and drink, OTC medication, cosmetics, and toiletries. This multi-sector approach offers a one-stop shop solution to customers, whether supermarkets or pharmacies, enabling them to source a diverse range of products. Notable brands include QV, Face Facts, Balance Activ, Bioderma, Cetaphil, and Eucerin. 

Another competitive advantage is Sandea Wholesale’s round-the-clock operations, setting it apart from larger competitors who typically work nine-to-five. This 24/7 availability ensures clients can be served regardless of their geographical location, addressing inquiries and processing orders at any time. In addition to these strengths, Sandea Wholesale has developed significant expertise in meeting specific legal requirements for labeling in the food and drink sector, such as including Arabic text for products exported to the Middle East. 

Sandea Wholesale has cultivated enduring relationships with multiple suppliers by prioritizing direct sourcing from manufacturers and clearly communicating operational requirements and timelines. This ensures the shortest turnaround time for every order, even when procuring goods from multiple suppliers. Timely delivery is crucial, as delays can impact customers’ ability to sell and hurt their business, eroding trust and resulting in lost repeat business. “Our round-the-clock opening hours allow us to guarantee timely deliveries. Even if we receive goods late, we can dispatch them immediately or the following day,” Sanjeet explains. This commitment reflects Sandea Wholesale’s dedication to ensuring clients receive their goods promptly and reliably.  

Award-winning operations 

Sandea Wholesale’s achievements have been recognized by several prestigious awards and media features. In 2022, Sandea Wholesale was awarded Wholesaler of the Year at the Pakistan Achievement Awards International. The following year, Sandea Wholesale won Wholesale/Distributor of the Year at the Asian Food and Restaurant Awards International. In 2024, Sandea Wholesale received the Rising Star award at the ‘Who’s Who’ award ceremony at the House of Commons and the Group Rising Star Award at the Sugro UK Annual Trade Show, sponsored by AG Barr plc. 

Additionally, founder Sanjeet Manek was recently interviewed by Better Retailing, and Sandea Wholesale was featured in several notable publications, including Harrow Online, Business-Live, and Asian Trader. These articles highlight Sandea Wholesale’s journey from inception during the Covid-19 pandemic to becoming a leading supplier of European branded FMCG.  

Robust relationships Sandea Wholesale founder honored at House of Commons

Sandea Wholesale is making significant investments in IT infrastructure to support its growth. This includes a state-of-the-art website and a digital ordering platform to enhance operational efficiency. Additionally, Sandea Wholesale has invested in a fleet of vans to provide timely deliveries across the UK. Sandea Wholesale also plans to expand its product offerings to include an exclusive line of health and wellness products, tapping into a rapidly growing market segment. This initiative is expected to generate significant additional revenue and further solidify Sandea Wholesale’s market position. 

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic and current supply chain issues, Sandea Wholesale has maintained its stock levels through strong relationships with suppliers. The company has adopted a stringent approach by solely procuring long-dated expiry stock, ensuring that products have sufficient time to sell before expiration. 

Pinner Hill Golf Club, in association with Sandea Wholesale, is also announcing the inaugural Sandea Wholesale Junior Golf Scholarship for 2024, rewarding dedicated junior golf members with financial assistance to support their growth through golf. Open to PHGC Junior section members or approved affiliates, the scholarship will be awarded annually to two juniors, considering not only their dedication to golf but also their personal values and community contributions. In addition to this scholarship, Sandea Wholesale is proud to support the refurbishment of the Junior Lounge at Pinner Hill Golf Club, creating a modern, welcoming space for young golfers to relax, learn, and build camaraderie. These initiatives highlight Sandea Wholesale’s commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting the values of sportsmanship and community. 

Leveraging supplier relationships built on trust and reliability, Sandea Wholesale continues to deliver excellent service even in the most unstable conditions. With strategic initiatives, efficient operations, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Sandea Wholesale stands as a beacon of resilience and growth in the wholesale industry. The business will continue to lead with innovation, strategic partnerships, and unwavering dedication to excellence, ensuring its place at the forefront of the wholesale sector.