Identiv IoT continues to lead in specialty IoT solutions 

As a global designer, developer, and manufacturer in the Internet of Things (IoT), Identiv IoT is at the forefront of IoT device innovations and solutions. Embedded in over 1.5 billion IoT applications worldwide, Identiv IoT technology transforms everyday objects into smart, connected devices, making a significant impact on the global digital landscape. 

By equipping physical objects with their own digital identities, Identiv IoT facilitates seamless connectivity between the physical and digital worlds, driving global innovation and empowering businesses worldwide.

Supply Chain World speaks to Amir Khoshniyati, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Identiv IoT, to gain insight into its history and plans.  

Innovative solutions for enhanced efficiency 

Identiv IoT offers holistic, full-circle specialty IoT solutions that enhance efficiency across various industries. The company’s solutions provide real-time visibility into entire supply chains, from manufacturing to disposal, ensuring increased profits, streamlined operations, and automated, reliable systems. This is particularly beneficial in pharmaceutical, medical, and other compliance-driven applications, where added safety and sustainability are paramount.  

Advanced technologies for diverse applications 

Identiv IoT’s technologies include High-Frequency (HF), Near Field Communication (NFC), and Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, catering to a variety of consumer and brand engagement applications. Additionally, Identiv IoT’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions, including Wiliot Ambient IoT-based condition monitoring, are crucial for perishable foods and medications destined for healthcare facilities and patients. 

Complemented by its powerful connecting cloud, Identiv IoT can deliver complete, customized experiences that cater to customers’ unique needs. The company swiftly responds to client requirements, constantly pushing the boundaries of IoT technology and ensuring the highest quality in its products. 

“We design our IoT devices to operate in adverse environments and carry through with the lifecycle of products,” Amir begins. “This includes operating in extreme temperatures, on-metal applications, and environments where liquids may be present. We ensure that our products’ performance in challenging conditions is best-in-class and not only functional in a standard sterile environment without interference.   This sets us apart.  

Efficient and responsive engineering 

“Having all the expertise and various methodologies of process engineering in-house is the key to Identiv IoT’s leading ‘time-to-market’, another competitive advantage,” Amir adds. “Our ability to guide customers through the journey from product design to prototype, pilot, small ramp, and then mass production is a key differentiator in the market. Additionally, this process is much quicker than average; this combination further differentiates Identiv IoT.”  

A focus on healthcare and pharma 

From a segment perspective, the healthcare industry is one of Identiv IoT’s key focus areas. This includes pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare smart packaging. The solutions enable real-time visibility into the entire life cycle of products from manufacturing to disposal. This brings immense relief to overworked staff in the industry, allowing for more valuable face-to-face time engaging with patients. Patient safety and well-being are the top priority, and Identiv IoT’s solutions provide precision and accuracy in tracking and verifying pharmaceuticals. 

“Our smart packaging solutions in healthcare and pharma make a true difference,” Amir states. “Our award-winning Spoken Rx™ solution, originally developed for CVS Pharmacy, allows visually impaired patients to have their prescription information read aloud by tapping an encoded RFID tag that is attached to their prescription bottle. This solution has already been deployed in over 10,000 pharmacies in the US.”  

Condition monitoring for enhanced safety 

Identiv IoT’s condition monitoring solutions are particularly impactful in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. By using RFID and BLE technologies, the company’s solutions provide real-time data on temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions. This ensures the integrity of perishable goods and medications throughout the supply chain, from production to delivery. 

“There is a growing demand for condition monitoring solutions,” Amir explains. “Our technology tracks and authenticates the lifecycle of a product, measuring temperature, moisture, and humidity levels encountered throughout the cold chain. This is crucial for compliance and safety of perishable items.”  

Transforming supply chains 

Identiv IoT’s smart packaging solutions bring several benefits, including full inventory and supply chain visibility and control, increased product safety, enhanced patient experience, secure and safe patient connectivity, and improved therapy adherence. This saves time and resources through smart and safe self-care solutions. 

“Some applications for pharma and healthcare can also be adapted for other segments, such as specialty smart packaging,” Amir continues. “For example, in the industrial sector, RFID tags with tamper control function as digital seals. This includes condition monitoring with authentication features. Attaching tamper tags to packaging allows for real-time condition monitoring and location tracking, sending alerts if the package is opened, damaged, or stolen.”  

Amir Khoshniyati, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Identiv IoT
Amir Khoshniyati, Executive Vice President and General Manager at Identiv IoT

Partnerships and innovations 

Identiv IoT’s smart packaging solutions are transforming entire supply chains. Its innovations maximize global supply chain capabilities for consumers, retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. 

“We work with many partners to leverage our combined knowledge and offer the best possible solutions,” Amir says. “One such partner is Wiliot, an ambient IoT data carrier platform using battery-free smart tags that push data to the cloud for real-time environmental monitoring without human intervention. We produce the complex BLE solution that powers the Wiliot Ambient IoT platform.” 

In the second half of 2024, Identiv IoT will continue to innovate, aligning with standards to address future applications. Raising awareness and increasing adoption of Identiv IoT solutions are top priorities. 

“Looking further ahead, we will continue to innovate, increase complexity in our IoT technology stack, and grow our reputation as a trusted specialty provider,” Amir proposes. “With world-class engineering at our core, we will continue to offer hardware, software, and deployment services, supporting our customers throughout the entire process.”  

A commitment to culture, training, and development 

Identiv IoT’s success is driven by its people. The company fosters a collaborative and agile work environment, ensuring every employee is positioned for success. This includes comprehensive training and development programs that keep the team at the forefront of IoT technology. Identiv IoT’s recruitment and retention strategies focus on attracting top talent passionate about innovation and sustainability. 

At Identiv IoT, every individual and every action hold significance. The company firmly believes that the key to its success lies in having the best individuals occupying exciting, aligned, relevant, and empowered roles with clear missions, goals, and measurable outcomes. 

“Our employees are our strongest asset,” Amir confirms. “We ensure every employee is put in a position to succeed, fostering a collaborative and agile work environment. Our customer approach sees us as lifelong partners, supporting our customers from the first point of contact through the entire process of implementation and technology lifecycle.”  

Sustainability and customer focus 

Offering solutions that help businesses achieve sustainability goals is a strong focus for Identiv IoT. The solutions improve supply chain efficiency, significantly reducing waste and supporting the implementation of the Digital Product Passport introduced by the European Commission within the Circular Economy Action Plan (CEAP). 

“Sustainability is becoming a critical focus for many companies,” Amir notes. “Our solutions play a vital role in illustrating a product’s sustainability, environmental, and recyclability attributes.”  

A vision for the future 

Identiv IoT is forging a smarter, more connected world. With a strong focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction, Identiv IoT isn’t just keeping pace with the industry; it’s setting the standard for the future.