Introducing Supply Chain by Amazon, an automated solution to help sellers build their business 

Sellers can now spend more time growing their business, as Supply Chain by Amazon provides an automated solution to quickly and reliably ship products 

Amazon is taking even more of the burden off sellers with the introduction of Supply Chain by Amazon. The end-to-end, fully automated platform of supply chain services will provide a complete solution for quick and reliable shipping. 

Sellers will benefit from Amazon’s advanced logistics, warehousing, distribution, fulfilment, and transportation capabilities. It means Amazon will pick up inventory from manufacturing facilities, then handle customs clearance and grounds transportation. The organization will also store inventory in bulk, manage replenishment across channels, and deliver directly to customers.  

This will allow sellers to spend less time managing their supply chain, freeing up time to focus on business growth. They can build products and delight customers while Amazon handles the logistics, ultimately improving delivery speed and reducing costs. 

Dharmesh Mehta, Vice President of Worldwide Selling Partner Services at Amazon, commented in a recent blog. “Our vision has always been to make it as easy as possible for sellers to serve customers around the world,” he said. “Amazon is taking on even more supply chain and operational complexities on behalf of our selling partners. We’re excited to help them save money, drive business growth, and have more time to continue inventing amazing products.” 

When sellers partner with Amazon, they benefit from powerful, cost-effective solutions, with its latest innovation strengthening these services. Supply Chain by Amazon is available now, with more capabilities set to be continuously added as the platform expands.