Keeping track

The Xerafy Metal Skin RFID labels, which provide real-time traceability and asset management visibility, are easy to print from a SATO RFID-enabled printer – such as the CT4-LX and CLNX Plus series – and flexible due to their ability to be used both on- and off-metal. In addition, the RAIN UHF RFID labels are ultra-thin due to their unique design and can be read up to five metres on metal and up to four metres off metal.

“Our Metal Skin series offers customers in manufacturing, automotive and healthcare with a cost-effective way to track stock in and out of operations,” says Michel Gillmann, Director Product & Marketing at Xerafy. “Since the labels operate with global RAIN RFID frequencies, they provide the best fit for international supply chains as they work with a wide range of applications – from IT assets to product authentication and medical supplies.”