Leading the wave

Hardware, software and services market leader Renovotec has acquired technology specialist WiFiGear Limited and is launching a ‘next generation Wi-Fi campaign’ centered on delivering competitive advantage for supply chain users, the company has announced.

Renovotec is already an established wireless networks provider and will now build on that experience for logistics, manufacturing and retail companies following its new Wi-Fi company acquisition and campaign launch.

“We will be leading the next Wi-Fi wave to deliver competitive advantage for supply chain users, from Wi-Fi 6*-driven performance that delivers open-ended IIoT device support, to advanced network monitoring underpinned by best-in-class wireless analytics,” says Renovotec managing director Richard Gilliard. “The next generation of warehouse systems will be Wi-Fi centred and its users Wi-Fi empowered. Renovotec will set the standard for both.”

(*Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6™, the industry certification program based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard)