Automated solutions

Autonomous pallet movers can handle both horizontal and vertical movements of palletized goods, making them especially useful in sectors such as consumer, retail or automotive that are characterized by full-pallet handling. The deployment is part of DHL Supply Chain’s Accelerated Digitalization agenda, a strategy for commercializing and scaling innovative solutions and new technologies.

“Effective robotic support of our warehouse employees is not limited to the piece-picking processes at our booming e-commerce and fulfillment sites. Autonomous pallet movers can support service quality and operational excellence in many ways. One of the main advantages of these indoor robotic transport devices is that they add immediate benefits to our operations and can theoretically be deployed in all of our pallet-handling operations,” says Markus Voss, Global CIO & COO at DHL Supply Chain. “We estimate that up to 30% of our global material-handling equipment fleet will use some form of robotic automation by 2030.”