Product recognition

Launched in spring 2021, TraceLink’s Opus Platform is the only business network creation solution that can build integrated business ecosystems and create interoperable multi-enterprise applications.

Products were chosen from among hundreds of submissions from across the healthcare and life sciences industries. The editorial staff of PM360 evaluated each submission and selected their choices for the most innovative.

Shabbir Dahod, President and CEO at TraceLink, commented on the nomination: “We are honored to have been selected from amongst some stiff competition and excellent products. Our Supply Chain Issue Management and Opus platform fosters open innovation in the supply chain. It enables decision makers to link companies, people processes and systems through business networks in order to drive better resiliency and agility in supply chains. Customers using Supply Chain Issues Management have seen a 65 percent reduction in the time it takes to resolve issues, 35 percent reduction in the number of issues, 50 percent reduction in recurring issues, and a 97 percent reduction in manufacturing disruptions. As a result their fill rates and OTIF service levels have gone up, and operating costs have been reduced substantially.”

The digital networks powered by Opus create the foundation for companies to build their Industry 4.0 digitalization strategies and attain the customer-centric agility they must have to remain competitive and leverage the collective intelligence for the greater good of an entire industry.