A powerful partnership

Exiger, the leading SaaS supply chain and third-party risk management and compliance company, has acquired Supply Dynamics, the industry’s most sophisticated supply chain collaboration platform for tracking, tracing and choreographing the purchase and supply of subcontracted products, parts, raw materials and ingredients

Integration of Supply Dynamics’ products with Exiger’s existing offering will enable end-to-end supply chain visibility and holistic risk management via a single, secure, cloud-based enterprise platform.

“Exiger’s acquisition of Supply Dynamics is an investment into the kind of future-proof solutions that the rapidly growing supply chain management market will continue to demand,” says Exiger CEO Brandon Daniels.

“The combination of Exiger and Supply Dynamics is a force multiplier, not only because we believe they are the pre-eminent player in this market, but because we are equally committed to investing in the capabilities necessary to set a new industry standard that allows for informed, high-level decision-making within a matter of minutes,” explains Trevor Stansbury, Supply Dynamics Founder and CEO.