Empowering workers

Diginex, the impact tech company helping to solve the world’s most pressing sustainability challenges, has taken on diginexAPPRISE

.The worker voice tool was initially developed by the United Nations University Institute (UNU-IIST) in Macau in partnership with The Mekong Club, an organization working with the private sector to bring about sustainable practices against modern slavery.

diginexAPPRISE is a multilingual application that collects standardized, actionable data, directly from workers in global supply chains. Through tailored question sets, companies can deploy surveys directly to workers on a variety of topics, such as responsible recruitment and gender equality.

The innovative approach has been recognized as an effective toolkit for companies looking to enable and scale proactive worker-led due diligence. With millions said to experience exploitative working conditions, this application will help provide greater transparency across all sectors, to allow for targeted interventions.