Improving performance

Google has launched the Last Mile Fleet Solution from Google Maps Platform and Cloud Fleet Routing API from Google Cloud - two new solutions to help fleet operators improve delivery success and optimize fleet performance.

The pandemic has accelerated ecommerce adoption and strained supply chains, while consumer expectations around delivery speed and visibility have reached an all-time high. At the same time, last-mile delivery is estimated to make up more than half of total shipping costs. This means last-mile fleet operators have to work harder to create better consumer experiences and improve their operations. Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing API help fleet operators address these challenges through an integrated suite of mapping, routing, and analytics capabilities.

When implemented together, Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing API allows businesses to optimize across every stage of the last-mile delivery journey, with features such as: address capture, route optimization, driver routing & navigation, shipment tracking and fleet performance.

“With Google Maps Platform’s Last Mile Fleet Solution and Cloud Fleet Routing API, we’re making it easier for delivery fleet operators to … create seamless experiences,” commented Hans Thalbauer, Managing Director, Global Supply Chain & Logistics Industries, Google Cloud.